DPIGS Design. // 2015

Ladies and gentleman, the experience you are about to have is a journey through our world full of marvelous creations, steady ideas and a deep passion for what we do. We are DPIGS - a truly portuguese multidisciplinary design studio, headquartered right in the heart of Porto. Why pigs ? The pig is an animal full of abilities and mysterious things, so are we. Just like us, the pig usually protects its creations and its space with clairvoyance, with no solemn moves if needed. In fact it’s all about irreverence, attitude and honesty. Nowadays we are seeking for new costumers with whom we expect to burst this year developing great projects full of innovation and value for all the involved parts - for our costumers, for the costumers of our costumers, for the design community, for us. At the same time we are open to get new partners who want to be part of our world, developing new projects either for commercial purposes as for self promotion creations or social causes. So, don’t just stare looking at us, go and call us either you are a costumer, a partner or even someone who just wants to say hello. Yes, we dare you to challenge us with your needs and your ideas! We’ll be glad to give you our precious time and our full abilities to design. Meet us and the coffee is on our own. We do this for love, even if we have bills to pay.
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